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'Sister Act'

Well, what a show that was!


On November 23rd, we reluctantly closed the curtain on our 2019 show 'Sister Act'. A very big Thank You to all of our Cast, Crew, Patrons, Subscribers, Sponsors and Associates. We could not have done it without your kindness, dedication and support.


Farewell Deloris, you were fabulous, baby!
Sr. Mary Patrick, you blessed our show!
Sr. Mary Lazarus, you were hip to the groove and very very cool!
Monsignor O'Hara, you took us to Church!
Mother Superior, you took us to heaven!
Sr. Mary Robert, you took us higher!

No sweat, Eddie!
Adios, Pablo!
You're a virtuoso, TJ!
You're a stone cold master of romance, Joey!
We're nothin' without you, Curtis!

It was an absolute pleasure to have all of you in town for 'Sister Act'.


Thank you to everybody who came out in such huge numbers to attend each performance.

We have to go away now and dream it all up again.

Look out for some fantastic photos here and on our Facebook page.

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